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Quilege : Discover & hire tested entertainers and job seekers in few clicks



The recruitment process in Nigeria is not only challenging when sourcing for the right job candidates as it’s completely inadequate in regards to job hunting. The entertainment industry is not exempted from this as hundreds of thousands of fresh talents are literally hidden from the spotlight due to the noise and countless ill-talent entertainers crowding the space. This results in quality talents getting harder to find. This is the problem being solved by Latii Brayllot‘s talent-sourcing platform.

Quilege, which is a talent sourcing platform where people looking to build their careers go to, get validated and connected with their industry leaders, is an amazing career platform where users showcase their skills/talents and get recommended to their dream workplace for hiring placements, gain entertainment deals or anything else that will get them on track of achieving their dreams.

Founded by Latii Brayllot who is also the founder & CEO of Slourish, Quilege not only helps employers/talent hunters to discover fresh quality talents but also makes it very easy for professionals and entertainers alike to conveniently showcase their skills/talents, connect with industry leaders and kick-start their dream career in few clicks.

Quilege products/services 

Ranging from testing users for their strengths/weaknesses and talents/skills, connecting them to quality career opportunities, Quilege also provides more learning options to help them improve their skills or polish up their talents for the great career ahead. Quilege is not just about helping users get hired. Quilege actually wants to see them succeed in the field they have always dreamed of. In the end, recruiters no longer spend weeks diving through thousands of CVs, spending millions of Naira through the hiring process just to get their ideal candidates from the tons of applicants.

Now graduates can get their dream jobs and entertainers can get the best entertainment deal/gig just by showcasing their abilities on the platform. The platform offers more than just talent-sourcing services as employers and talent hunters get to showcase their brand culture, reviews, benefits packages to make their brand pages standout and attract the best quality candidates. They get to discover the hottest new talents, get constant recommendations of the best candidates for their projects, cast, sign or hire directly on the platform in few clicks.

How differentiating and disruptive is Quilege?

Before now, we only had a few job boards and hiring platforms where employers pay to post jobs, get tons of unqualified applicants, spend days sorting through them and still spend lots of money testing them. All these processes have been eliminated by Quilege as employers no longer need to do anything other to login to see top-quality candidates already recommended to them by Quilege after validating and testing them. Quilege candidates are 400% more qualified as they are carefully selected from the crowd and still offered more training opportunities.

Job seekers no longer need to waste so much hours applying to countless unfulfilling jobs as Quilege only allows verified relevant career opportunities which they will actually be linked up to. All candidates have to do is log in, validate their skills, build up their profiles and start getting hiring placements. This is not different from entertainers as they only need to showcase their talents on the platform for an opportunity to be recommended to the country’s most prominent entertainment entities for career-boosting options.

Quilege business model

Quilege has a very clear and unique business model when it comes to monetizing the platform and while Quilege is focusing on delivering as much free value as possible, users looking to build/kick-start their careers via the platform actually have to pay a small validation fee (usually less than $2) per skill to enable Quilege to verify their skills for employers to be sure they can truly do what they listed. Entertainers, on the other hand, pay a little more (but still less than $6) per talent but these are one-time fees. The only other fee on the platform is the monthly subscription for those looking to upgrade to a premium service. This fee is still very little too (ranging from $50 for employers to $100 for talent hunters). These little fees, when accumulated, has proven to very effective in running the Quilege brand.

The Quilege competition

Yes, there are quite a few recruitment platforms out there but just as described, they are just recruitment platforms. Quilege is taking a step further to minimize the processes, time consumed, money spent while focusing on driving in real results without much efforts from both the recruiter and the candidate. Most of these conventional recruitment platforms only focus on listing open job vacancies but with Quilege, candidates are validated before they can even see a job to apply to. This ensures only quality candidates get to apply to the positions. It also ensures that any information (especially skills) found on their profiles are real since they have been tested for it. Quilege also verifies all open jobs while making sure each brand on the platform is willing to offer their candidates the right package. These are just some of the reasons Quilege will always standout.

The Quilege platform

LinkedIn/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @Quileger

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Slourish : a business micro-investing community-based platform



Slourish Ltd is a company running an online business micro-investing platform housing thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, brand supporters including many others who are just looking to be a part of the community or participate in the development stages of businesses. Although the platform was built for businesses and micro-investors, virtually anyone can conveniently earn, manage and grow their money through the provisions of the numerous perks and programs available on the platform.

Slourish’s primary focus is to develop and support African entrepreneurs. The company provides them with all necessary resources to help them kickstart, scale or grow their ventures. Depending on the entrepreneur, the services could be as little as incorporation, corporate branding, mentorship or as huge as a complete incubation. However, the major role being carried out on our platform is fundraising through crowd-investing using the micro-investments from the users on the platform.

People who want to support these entrepreneurs, participate in their development stages or people who just want to invest in businesses, simply signup on the community-based platform where everything is simplified. Slourish handles the process so, users can invest through the platform in few clicks and still be rewarded through the platform.

Slourish was founded on the 20th of September, 2018 by Latii Brayllot; the CEO who is also the MD of LatiCodes. He went on to form his 14-man dedicated team of professionals working very hard to make Slourish a one-stop hub for entrepreneurs and micro-investors alike.

Out of the 80 million Internet users in Nigeria, there are over 10,000 promising entrepreneurs in need of funding and over 5 million Nigerians looking to grow their money. Since there are no enough VCs, Angels and Governmental or Non-profit Organizations available to fund these businesses, why not make a way for the people to fund the entrepreneurs for a return? Slourish basically serves as the middleman when it comes to the business micro-investing division of the company but Slourish currently serves only the entrepreneurial people of Nigeria.

This is due to the vetting and approval processes of the businesses that want funding. However, anyone in any part of the world could become a member of the platform and can invest in the businesses in few clicks or participate in any of our programs (HPS program, Insights-C program, affiliate program etc).

Nonetheless, Nigeria is not the only African country with entrepreneurs in need of funding.  This is to say, the service will be made available to the whole African entrepreneurial community in the coming months.

The rising number of accelerator and grant programs now available in Nigeria could be considered a competition since some people may prefer to waste their years chasing free money. However, the probability of gaining such opportunity is 1:1000 and the Slourish platform has been simplified in such a way that the crowd-investing comes like a single investment to the entrepreneur.

Micro-investors on the platform are merely contributing their money to Slourish to invest it in the entrepreneur. This way, the entrepreneur won’t be dealing with hundreds of small investors. Slourish handles everything for both the business and the investors.

Slourish recorded over 10,000 signups within 2 months without any promotion. Till now, Slourish hasn’t launched any marketing campaign and yet people keep heading to This is indeed a major market validation.

Commissions from the crowd-investing services will remain Slourish’s primary revenue source but the company also own stakes in some of the businesses that get funded through the platform. While not all entrepreneurs want funds, some need help in other ways.

Sometimes, Slourish practically help them set up their business and this generates additional revenue for the company. Slourish also has a few loan packages for select entities which are funded through the Hashed Profit Share Program. This generates more revenue through interests from which the company is able to cover the cost of operations and more.





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Gouti, the solution dedicated to the Project manager and his team



Who is the founder and how did Gouti come to him?

Christian Gutekunst has 20 years of experience in IT project management and 8 years in teaching on the subject. He found that many project managers were looking for tools to manage their daily tasks. This is how Gouti was born. Gouti allows the project manager to deal with the problems of the business and the associated collaborative needs.

An online video?

In a few words, what is Gouti?

Gouti is a SaaS solution dedicated to the project manager and his team. It’s a cloud tool that is ready to use, pragmatic and adaptable to the needs of users.

Gouti makes you benefit from the essential in the management of your project and accompanies the project manager from the initialization to the closing of his projects.

It allows you to collaborate on your projects with your team through a system of assignment and transmission of simple and functional information.

What services does Gouti offer?

Gouti will allow you to create your projects, assign tasks to your employees, manage your deliverables, your activity and your milestones. There you will find calendar views and also a GANTT or a macro-planning. As well you can track the workload of your projects thanks to timesheets. You will also be able to make reports in PDF like flash report, formatted in one click. This list is not exhaustive of all the present and future features of Gouti. You will find a more detailed list on the page of pricing of our site.

Who is Gouti for?

Gouti is aimed at both the independent project manager in its standard or premium version, as well as SMEs or large companies, with the customizable version that adapts to specific needs. But Gouti can also be used by students as part of a school program affiliated with project management.

Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing?

Gouti is specially designed for the needs, expectations and problems of the Project Manager. It’s not a simple collaborative tool. It goes much further in the needs of the project manager, as in proposing pre-filled progress reports.

We also take into account the opinion of users in its development to be closer to the daily needs of the project manager.

Your business model (How do you make money?)

We offer three offers:

  • A completely free Basic version for a project
  • Premium subscription, for an unlimited number of projects
  • A customized Enterprise offer designed for specific needs

Your competitors

They are numerous with each their specificity. Finally, we could quote 100 or zero if we look at the specifics of our solution.

Your website

Come and discover Gouti and try it for free on our website:


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Sequence : a Data Labelling Solution for Data Science Teams



Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came

The four of us are friends and used to work together. The idea came when we were looking for a way to overcome the problem of tedious high volume data labelling. We found out that it was taking ages for data science teams to get through processing their datasets. All before they could even test their idea. We thought we had a better way – and so we decided to venture into Sequence.


Link to online video  

We don’t have a video, but we do have a demo of our annotation tool here:


Your products and services

Our service includes data labelling, annotation, and classification outsourcing for data science teams. The service covers project management, and sourcing remote contributors to work on data labelling tasks.


Your success factors

Our success comes from the willingness of our team to make small incremental changes. We try to take a grounded/”no-imaginary-problems” approach when solving our business challenges. 


Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing

We provide a project-managed data labelling service that runs as lightly and as quickly as a self-service alternative.


Your business model  

We manage the project and outsource the work. We then take a percentage of the fee per task.


A few words about your competitors

There’s a lot of room for everyone, so having competing services keeps everybody on their game. It fosters a better environment for our clients in terms of variety of services on offer. It’s also good for our contributors, giving them options when it comes to rates and task types.


Your website

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