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Enderase : bridging investment hospitality gap in Ethiopia



Tell us a few words about the founders and how the idea came 

Bruktawit Teshome, Founder of Enderase Destination Management comes from ten years of background in corporate event management, corporate concierge and partnership engagement. I hold a first degree in Business Education from Addis Ababa University and am an MBA candidate at the institution. 

I took my inbuilt talent for organization and working with people twined with innovation, and turned it into a Corporate Concierge where clients meet a variety of service needs with a single provider in Ethiopia. 

Your products and services 

  • Corporate concierge; We work with clients before departure to acquire a visa, arrange a flight, prepare ground transport, book accommodation and airport meet and greet services.
  • Administrative support; Whilst stay in Ethiopia for business, we assist in meeting arrangement, liaison with local and government authorities, acquire work & resident permit, shopping, luncheons and itinerary
  • Event management; From planning to execution and management, we organize conferences, workshops, training, trade shows, product launch and special events
  • Sourcing; Our services extend to market search, quote sourcing, agreement and service supervision


Your success factors 

  • The event management and corporate concierge lines of our services are in a strategic alliance – putting us in a unique stand where customers meet verity of needs with a single provider.
  • The two business lines also allow for cross-promotion
  • Our management team has an extensive background in corporate event and concierge services
  • Apart from a technical background, we are well rounded with academic and professional backing for dynamic, innovative leadership


Your factors differentiating and disruptive compared to the existing 

Despite the wide opportunity, destination management is barely existent in Ethiopia. Current services are neither corporate nor specialized in nature. We are a service partner in Ethiopia where clients meet a variety of needs through a single provider with integrated resource, activity and stakeholders.   


Your business model  

We provide event management and corporate concierge, particularly business travel itinerary managed for organization in and coming to Ethiopia. Our target customers for the later includes travellers coming to Ethiopia for business and looking for professional assistance to navigate through the business spectrum.  These could be but not exclusive to investors, business delegates, dignitaries, development and franchise organizations. We offer safety, productivity, extensive local expertise with saved time and cost. We have the operational capacity and experience to manage both lines and our existing plan spans form service package – marketing strategy – securing contracts – financial management –recruitment and financing.

We have devised a and end to end marketing plan to help us secure contracts. This includes;

  • Personal marketing
  • Social media
  • Marketing collateral
  • Email Marketing
  • Professional associations and networking
  • Website


A few words about your competitors

Destination Management in Ethiopia remains untapped service. However, event management companies provide partial DMC for conference organizers and or existing clients.


Your website


Dynamic, innovative entrepreneur working to change the Destination Management spectrum in Ethiopia

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